Inter-Islamic Encounter with the West, May 04 2011

ICIRC is organizing a high level conference in the European Parliament followed by a series of panel discussions at local level in different cities of Belgium. The main idea of these meetings is to bring a true understanding of different Islamic sects in the West as well as recognizing the needs for mutual respect and understanding.

ICIRC has therefore invited three Iranian Muslims from Shiite, Sunni and Sufi sects to present from an Islamic point of view their opinion about the issues that affects the relationship with the West. These eminent scholars will also reflect on stereotypes that are linked with Islam in the West and will try to give a start for solutions to improve eradicating the false stereotypes.

Youth and especially students are an important target group providing them with a space to have their questions answered and build an action plan. More information coming up soon

  • Create Mutual Understanding between Muslims, Christians and Jews
  • Understand and assist the problems of ground religious leaders
  • Engage religious teachers of Schools and Madrassas for disseminating information of peace and religious cooperation
  • Bring together Governments and Religious Leaders
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